DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gathering

DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gathering

5 Episodes

We’ll take time to reflect on life, imagine new possibilities, and strive to be refreshed. Join DaRevsUSA for reflection, scripture, prayer, and singing. Share some time with God and with DaRevsUSA, Rev Dr Penny Taylor LCSW and Rev Dr Bill Ressl LCSW. DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gatherings on the Awaken Kindness Network are designed by DaRevsUSA to share contemporary messages exploring Christ’s message of love. Each gathering is about 20 minutes and includes contemplating scripture (time for Lectio Divina), reflecting on scripture through a progressive theological lens, sharing in prayer, and singing (experiencing Musica Divina). Come… give your Spirit a lift, take a break, join DaRevsUSA as they share a World-Wide Gathering with you.

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DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gathering
  • S1 E1 Light vs Darkness

    Episode 1

    Welcome to this first DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gathering with DaRevsUSA, Rev. Dr. Penny Taylor and Rev. Dr. Bill Ressl. Explore the meaning of light and darkness through the Gospel of John 1:1-18 as well as through prayers and song. Come! Let us join together offering the world a voice of peace, kind...

  • S1 E2 The Gifts You Give

    Episode 2

    What star do you follow? What gifts do you bring to life? Join DaRevsUSA as they explore the Magi, the 3 Kings, the Wise One’s, who followed a star and openly shared their gifts. Did they have to? No, but they did. Explore God’s call and how the Magi followed their call, a star that took them to ...

  • S1 E3 And the Sky Opened

    Episode 3

    Imagine ~ the sky opened! Was God happy or mad? Explore the amazing story of Jesus’ baptism when the sky opened, a dove appeared, and a voice spoke from the heavens saying: “I am well pleased” (Luke 3:15-17 & 21-22). Why was God pleased? Is God pleased with us today? Join DaRevsUSA ~ the Rev. Dr....

  • S1 E4 Turn Water into Wine

    Episode 4

    Imagine turning water into wine. Have you ever been to a wedding where the wine ran out? Jesus was at a wedding and the wine did run out. What happens next? Come, explore. Enjoy this World-Wide Gathering with DaRevsUSA. Penny & Bill reflect on turning water into wine from John 2:1-11. Let’s get ...

  • S1 E5 Take Time To Smell The Flowers

    Episode 5

    Do we take time for God? Jesus did. Take Time to smell the flowers, aka sabbath time. Explore the amazing story of Jesus taking some time to be with God and reading from the scroll of Isaiah. Learn how God’s grace is all around if we open our eyes. Together we’ll sing, pray, share scripture, and ...