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Mindful Self-Care Tools by Rev. Dr. William G. Ressl, LCSW and Rev. Dr. Penny L. Taylor, LCSW at the Awaken Kindness Network, Division of Penny & Bill Company.
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Why use mindful self-care tools?

Life is too important not to. Stress can kill us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Stress in relationships minimizes our full potential. Mindful self-care tools developed by Rev. Dr. William G. Ressl, LCSW and Rev. Dr. Penny L. Taylor, LCSW can help to refocus, de-stress, and reset the mind. Get started here and now.

Experience a 60 Second Refresh

We know life stressors can strip life of vitality, so we designed each 60 Second Refresh to offer a quick 60 second message that encourages wellbeing and renewal. Be refreshed. Be renewed.

Discover Mindful Breathing

Each mindful breathing exercise video is clinically and spiritually grounded. Discover 4-4-4 breathing expanded with imagery, music, and some even with prayer. The perfect mindful tool when a bit of calm is needed right here and right now. Get started.

Take a Labyrinth Walk

Each "walk" features a custom digital labyrinth experience integrating the historic labyrinth walk with the contemplative practices of Lectio Divina (hearing the sacred in scripture), Visio Divina (seeing the sacred in art), and Musica Divina (listening to the sacred in music). Take a "walk" to refocus and de-stress.

Complete a Spiritual Workout

Give your spirit a workout. Each spiritual workout offers a contemplative journey featuring an integration of clinical and spiritual practices. Best of all - these spiritual workouts are perfect anywhere... at the gym, at home, wherever life takes you. Get started with your spiritual workout right here and right now.

Podcast and More

Bonus content encouraging mindful self-care through reflections of scripture, prayer, and song. Listen to Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA podcast from Penny & Bill Company streaming commercial free. Enjoy exclusive content with DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gatherings from Penny & Bill aka DaRevsUSA.

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