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Find a Bit of Peace Here and Now.


Life is too important not to. Stress can kill us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Stress in relationships minimizes our full potential. Our mindful digital solutions have been designed to help refocus, de-stress, and reset the mind toward calmness that invites a bit of peace here and now.


Innovative digital mental health solutions are guided mindfully contemplative video tools that invite a break from the hectic schedules we run. Discover mindful breathing with Visio Divina, mindful breathing with prayer and Visio Divina, digital labyrinth walks, and more. Each invites a mini-break that may just help to calm and soothe the mind.


These innovative digital mental health solutions are readily available whenever a mini-break is needed. Feel stress building? It is likely time to break the anxiety cycle before it begins to take control. Watch the digital tool of your choice and allow your mind and spirit to follow along. Each was designed to help the mind to begin to reset itself when anxiety builds, so you can remain in control of the anxiety rather than having anxiety taking control of you.

Free Innovative Digital Mental Health Samples

Find a bit of peace here and now. Experience a free sample of each innovative digital mental health solution offered through the Awaken Kindness Network. Subscribe for full access.

-> Digital Labyrinth Walk: Mindful Moment
-> Mindful Breathing: 12 Second plus Reset
-> Prayer with Mindful Breathing: 4-4-4 plus Prayer
-> Spiritual Workout: Spirit Snack
-> Spiritual Workout: Word Now
-> Spiritual Workout: 60 Second Refresh
-> Bonus Material: DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gatherings
-> Bonus Material: Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA Podcast

Subscription Access - Innovative Digital Mental Health Solutions

Use innovative digital mental health solutions daily to find a bit of peace here and now...

Walk a 'digital' Mindful Moment labyrinth integrating the historic practice of a labyrinth walk with the contemplative practices of Lectio Divina (hearing the sacred in scripture), Visio Divina (seeing the sacred in art), and Musica Divina (listening to the sacred in music).

Experience a mindful 12 Second plus Reset mindful breathing exercise, each featuring Visio Divina and Musica Divina. Discover 4-4-4 breathing expanded with imagery, and music. The perfect mindful tool when a bit of calm is needed right here and right now.

Enjoy a prayerful breathing exercise. Each 4-4-4 plus Prayer mindful breathing exercise is clinically grounded in a 4-4-4 mindful breathing experience that is enhanced with prayer (the Lord’s Prayer), music (Amazing Grace) and visual imagery (historic and contemporary images). Experience mindful breathing - inhale for a count of 4 - hold for a count of 4 - exhale for a count of 4. Watch as the imagery comes to life. Repeat as needed.

Find peace in a Spiritual Workout... take time for a 60 Second Refresh, a Spirit Snack, or Word Now spiritual workout. Listen to original episodes of Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA podcast and experience episodes of DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gatherings.

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