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From the Center to Awaken Kindness

Boost well-being and wellness through mindfully contemplative self-care videos.


Life is too important not to. Stress can kill us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Stress in relationships minimizes our full potential. Mindful self-care videos have been designed to refocus, de-stress, and reset the mind toward calmness that invites kindness and true happiness.


Mindful self-care videos are short guided self-care tools that invite a break from the hectic schedules we run. Discover mindful breathing, mindful breathing with prayer, digital labyrinth walks, and more. Each invites a mini-break that may just help to calm and soothe the mind.


We know our world needs a little love, a lot of hope, and some support - and that should not have a price tag. Our mindfully contemplative videos are one expression of the love, hope, and support from us. But the reality is everything costs money in this world, including creating and maintaining this network. So if you find it in the kindness of your heart - we would love if you could help support us through a subscription.

Enjoy all the mindfully contemplative videos.

  • Calm - Blue - Mindful Breathing

    1 video

    Take a minibreak - breathe mindfully and watch as calmness comes alive. Experience mindful breathing - inhale for a count of 4 - hold for a count of 4 - exhale for a count of 4 - repeat as needed or return to daily life. Refocus – Reset – Experience Mindful Breathing with Visio Divina (using visu...

  • Be Kind, Mindful Moment Digital Labyrinth Walk

    1 video

    Be Kind Mindful Moment Digital Labyrinth Walk invites you to clear the mind and refresh the Spirit. The capacity to be kind is in our hands and true kindness reaches around the world with compassion, love, and purpose. We are witnessing this type of kindness now in the United States following the...

  • Never Give Up – Let Your Light Shine

    1 video

    Life has challenges. Without question, everyone experiences difficult moments where the light deep within seems to darken. Know God’s grace and love is ever present. Never give up! Let your light shine brightly! Bill explores the ever-present light of love deep within that offers hope, peace, lov...

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