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Streaming mindful breathing exercises, spiritual workouts, digital labyrinth walks, and more supporting self-care and wellness.

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Discover Mindful Breathing

Subscribe today to begin experiencing guided mindful breathing exercises that help to calm and refocus. Each mindful breathing exercise video is clinically and spiritually grounded. Discover 4-4-4 breathing expanded with imagery, music, and some even with prayer. The perfect mindful tool when a bit of calm is needed at home, at work, wherever life takes you.

Take a Labyrinth Walk

Subscribe today to be renewed and refreshed as you walk a digital labyrinth. Each "walk" features a custom labyrinth experience. Each Mindful Moment digital labyrinth walk created by the Center to Awaken Kindness invites a contemporary mindful experience of the historic labyrinth walk with the contemplative practices of Lectio Divina (hearing the sacred in scripture), Visio Divina (seeing the sacred in art), and Musica Divina (listening to the sacred in music).

Spiritual Workouts

Like to give your spirit a little workout? Subscribe today to give your body, mind, and spirit a mindful guided experience that is designed to refresh and renew. Each spiritual workout offers a contemplative journey featuring an integration of clinical and spiritual practices. Best of all - these spiritual workouts are prefect anywhere... at the gym, at home, on the road, wherever life takes you.

Bonus Podcast and Gatherings

Subscribe and receive bonus content that encourages self-care through mindful reflections of scripture, prayer, and song. We offer the Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA podcast in video format streaming commercial free with early release. Additionally, enjoy exclusive content with DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gatherings.

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  • Yellow Peony 12 Second Mindful Breathing Exercise

    1 video

    This 4-4-4 mindful breathing exercise offers a mini-break from the stressors of life. This guided breathing exercise focuses on a yellow peony. The color yellow is often associated with happiness, joy, energy, optimism, and friendship. The peony flower symbolizes happiness, romance, beauty, and l...

  • Be the Salt of the Earth, Labyrinth Walk

    1 video

    You flavor the world with goodness and honesty simply through your example of loving kindness. Become the salt of the earth here and now.
    Historically, to be called the salt of the earth is a huge compliment – individually and/or for groups. It means you are honest, loyal, reliable, trustworthy, ...

  • S3 E6 The Time is Now for Renewal (with Bill)

    1 video

    Bill dives deep into renewal in this season of Eastertide. Why now? It’s Eastertide! Let’s explore… A new reality has begun – it is here. How do we live into this new time? What does it look like? Do we doubt like Doubting Thomas? Do we simply return to what we did in the past – or do we look bey...

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