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  • Trailer- Mindful Breathing Exercises

    Time for a mini-break. Give yourself a gift at work, at home, wherever you may be... Reset the mind in about 12 seconds. Take time for some mindful breathing. Enjoy all the 12 Second plus Reset and 4-4-4 plus Prayer mindful breathing exercises.

    12 Second plus Reset Mindful Breathing Exercises


  • Trailer - Bonus Awaken Kindness Podcast and DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gatherings

    Learn about the Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA podcasts in video format streaming commercial free with early release and DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gatherings.

  • Trailer - Spiritual Workouts

    Experience Spirit Snack and Word Now workouts for the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Trailer - Awaken Kindness Network

    Refocus. De-stress. Reset the Mind. Be renewed any time day or night. Experience the transformative power of mindful contemplation. Access the entire library of mindful self-care tools. Get started here and now.

  • Trailer - 12 Second plus Reset Mindful Breathing

    Practice Integrative Mindful Self-Care - 12 Second plus Reset Mindful Breathing Exercises.

    Each 12 Second plus Reset mindful breathing exercise video is a clinically grounded 4-4-4 mindful breathing experience expanded with music and visual imagery. Experience mindful breathing - inhale for a co...

  • Trailer - 4-4-4 Religiously Spiritual Mindful Breathing

    Take a break – be refreshed – be renewed. Use anytime and anywhere… at home, at work… repeat as needed. Experience all the 4-4-4 plus Prayer Mindful Breathing Exercise videos. Practice integrative mindful self-care through 4-4-4 Mindful breathing, prayer, Visio Divina (seeing God in art), and Mus...

  • Trailer - Mindful Moment Digital Labyrinth Walks

    Discover Mindful Moment digital labyrinth walks. “Walk” anytime and anywhere at work, at home...

    Walking a labyrinth as a mindful mediative experience has ancient roots. Those who walk labyrinths claim significant physical, emotional, and spiritual impact from… aiding in quieting the mind… aidin...

  • Trailer - Spirit Snack Workouts

    Spirit Snack Workouts. Mindful. Prayerful. Contemplative. Refresh body, mind and spirit. Experience 4-4-4 mindful breathing with imagery and words to contemplate. Watch scripture come alive with meditative scriptural imagery. Walk a creative digital labyrinth with complementary visual and auditor...

  • Trailer - Word Now Spiritual Workouts

    Take a break – be refreshed. Word Now Spiritual Workout Videos refresh the mind, body, and spirit. Each spiritual workout is a guided spiritual experience featuring 4-4-4 Mindful Breathing Exercises, Lectio Divina scriptural reflection, meditative scriptural imagery, and prayerful 4-4-4 Mindful B...

  • Trailer - Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA Podcast

    A progressive podcast looking at the stories of the Bible that enhance self-care and wellness. Hosted by DaRevsUSA, Rev Dr Penny Taylor and Rev Dr Bill Ressl.

    Listen. Progressive podcast of hope. DaRevsUSA unpack life through scripture, prayer, and song. Hosted by Penny Taylor and Bill Ressl. In...

  • Trailer - DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gatherings

    We’ll take time to reflect on life, imagine new possibilities, and strive to be refreshed. Join DaRevsUSA for reflection, scripture, prayer, and singing. Share some time with God and with DaRevsUSA, Rev Dr Penny Taylor LCSW and Rev Dr Bill Ressl LCSW. DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gatherings on the Awaken...