Mindfully Contemplative Exercises

Mindfully Contemplative Exercises

Time for a mini-break. Give yourself a gift at work, at home, wherever you may be... Experience mindful contemplative centering practice exercises in a number of different formats.

Mindfully Contemplative Exercises
  • S1 E1 Never Give Up – Let Your Light Shine

    Life has challenges. Without question, everyone experiences difficult moments where the light deep within seems to darken. Know God’s grace and love is ever present. Never give up! Let your light shine brightly! Bill explores the ever-present light of love deep within that offers hope, peace, lov...

  • S1 E1 Abound in Hope

    Hope is here. Hope is now. Be refreshed. Watch the Abound in Hope Spirit Snack Workout Video from DaRevsUSA. Contemplate and reflect on the words of hope from Romans 15:13 and imagery of an evening primrose flower from the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Experience 4-4-4 mindful breathing...

  • S1 E1 Romans 15:13 Abound in Hope

    Hope is here. Hope is now. Share hope. Watch Romans 15:13 Abound in Hope Word Now Spiritual Workout Video from DaRevsUSA. Experience 4-4-4 Mindful Breathing Exercises, Lectio Divina scriptural reflection, meditative scriptural imagery, and a prayerful 4-4-4 Mindful Breathing Exercise. Know that h...