Labyrinth Walks

Labyrinth Walks

5 Episodes

Refresh. Renew. Custom Digital Labyrinth Walks + Lectio Divina, Visio Divina, and Musica Divina. Need a pick-me-up? Mindful Moments - Digital Labyrinth Walks are the perfect pick-me-up that refresh and renew in about two minutes. Each is created by the Center to Awaken Kindness inviting a contemporary mindful experience of the historic labyrinth walk with the contemplative practices of Lectio Divina (hearing the sacred in scripture), Visio Divina (seeing the sacred in art), and Musica Divina (listening to the sacred in music). Each Mindful Moment features a custom artistic labyrinth design. Repeat as needed or return to daily life. Available on the Awaken Kindness Network from the @DaRevsUSA, the Rev. Dr. Penny Taylor, LCSW and the Rev. Dr. Bill Ressl, LCSW at the

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Labyrinth Walks
  • S1 E1 Abound in Hope

    Episode 1

    The anxieties of life are very real – and no one is immune from having anxiety that can create a mind fog. At times, we all can feel like our head is somewhere else making it hard to focus on life - let alone our spiritual self-care that can fill the heart, mind, body, soul, and relationships in ...

  • S1 E2 Be the Salt of the Earth

    Episode 2

    Be the Salt of the Earth… Historically, to be called the salt of the earth is a huge compliment – individually and/or for groups. It means you are honest, loyal, reliable, trustworthy, and exude fundamental goodness. You flavor the world with goodness and honesty simply through your example of lo...

  • S1 E3 Fear Not – Abound in Hope

    Episode 3

    When despair rises through so many different forms – meaninglessness, guilt, condemnation - we are invited to set a new agenda with new goals. What does that look like? Imagine new possibilities – reflect, pray, and act in new ways each day. “Walk” the Fear Not labyrinth that truly represents tha...

  • S1 E4 Be Kind

    Episode 4

    Be Kind Mindful Moment. Clear the mind and refresh the Spirit. The capacity to be kind is in our hands and true kindness reaches around the world with compassion, love, and purpose. We are witnessing this type of kindness now in the United States following the huge, massive destruction from multi...

  • S1 E5 Be the Light

    Episode 5

    Become immersed imagining possibilities and become the light of the world. Matthew 5:14 reminds us: “You are the light of the world.” Chartres-inspired, “walk” the Be the Light labyrinth created in virtual reality. Listen to Amazing Grace in the background (Musica Divina) and at each bend of the ...