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Watch this video and more on Awaken Kindness Network

Watch this video and more on Awaken Kindness Network

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  • S1 E8 Sharing The Gifts (with Penny)

    Podcast - Penny highlights the mystery of doing extraordinary things, growing in faith, and believing in miracles. Fear can stop us from sharing or it can compel us to do extraordinary things, to grow in faith, and believe. Don’t let fear win. Penny reflects on John 6:1-21 and the extraordinary t...

  • S1 E9 I Need a Drink (with Penny)

    Podcast - Penny asks: “Have you ever asked someone you don’t know for a drink?” Jesus did. Faith blossomed. Jesus was thirsty and asked a Samaritan woman for a drink of water, breaking the cultural codes of his day. Jesus’ conversation with the woman about “living water” opened her eyes and the e...

  • S1 E10 – Death Is Painful (with Penny)

    Podcast - Death is painful. Penny focuses on where to find strength and support in difficult times, especially in the painful experience of the death of a bestie. Penny reflects on how Jesus shared time, had empathy, and consoled his besties – Mary and Martha. All were distraught at Lazarus’ deat...