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Watch this video and more on Awaken Kindness Network

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S1 E4 And The Sky Opened (with Penny + Bill)


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  • S1 E5 Do Great Things (with Penny)

    Podcast - Penny highlights the mysterious role that we are all called to be ambassadors of God’s divine love. Each of us is called to do great things like the great architects that built Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, France. Built in honor of God and named for Our Lady, Mary the Mother of Jesus,...

  • S1 E6 Do Life Differently (with Bill)

    Podcast - Bill explores every generation has a choice ~ continue or stand against abuse, violence, oppression, and disenfranchisement. Do we wish to remain weary, carrying heavy burdens with no rest? There is another way. Bill looks at Christ’s yoke of love that encourages individual and social r...

  • S1 E7 Be Transformed (with Penny)

    Podcast - Frozen in fear? Give them a mission? Transformation? What? Today Penny reflects on the angel, the woman, and the tomb. What did the angel tell the women who went to visit Jesus at the tomb? Will they remain frozen in fear? Will awareness, freedom and courage take hold? Listen and see ho...