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S1 E3 And the Sky Opened

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S1 E4 Turn Water into Wine

Podcast and World-Wide Gatherings with DaRevsUSA • 12m

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  • S1 E3 And the Sky Opened

    Imagine ~ the sky opened! Was God happy or mad? Explore the amazing story of Jesus’ baptism when the sky opened, a dove appeared, and a voice spoke from the heavens saying: “I am well pleased” (Luke 3:15-17 & 21-22). Why was God pleased? Is God pleased with us today? Join DaRevsUSA ~ the Rev....

  • S1 E2 The Gifts You Give

    What star do you follow? What gifts do you bring to life? Join DaRevsUSA as they explore the Magi, the 3 Kings, the Wise One’s, who followed a star and openly shared their gifts. Did they have to? No, but they did. Explore God’s call and how the Magi followed their call, a star that took them to ...

  • S1 E1 Light vs Darkness

    Welcome to this first DaRevsUSA World-Wide Gathering with DaRevsUSA, Rev. Dr. Penny Taylor and Rev. Dr. Bill Ressl. Explore the meaning of light and darkness through the Gospel of John 1:1-18 as well as through prayers and song. Come! Let us join together offering the world a voice of peace, kind...