Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA Podcast

Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA Podcast

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Progressive podcast of hope. DaRevsUSA unpack life through scripture, prayer, song hosted by Penny Taylor and Bill Ressl. In the Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA podcast, clergy couple Penny and Bill offer simple, fun, yet profound, progressive theological commentary on scripture through reflections, prayer, and song. More than just reading a scripture verse … Penny and Bill prepare each episode to seamlessly weave together scripture, reflection, prayer, and song. You’ll be challenged to think theologically and clinically recognizing how your God walk and God talk impacts all parts of your life.

Unlike any other Religious podcast, Awaken Kindness, by DaRevsUSA podcast, hosted by distinguished Protestant theologians and clinicians the Rev Dr Penny Taylor LCSW and the Rev Dr Bill Ressl LCSW, offers a ground-breaking simple, yet profound, progressive approach to understanding Christ’s love. In each episode, this clergy couple in the United Church of Christ (UCC) unpacks the contemporary relevance of scripture as well as how to apply it to daily life. Join as Penny and Bill, Co-Founders of the Center to Awaken Kindness, share scripture, prayer, song, and their reflections through experiences from family, work, and 30+ years of married life. The Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA podcast is from the Center to Awaken Kindness which is a division of the Penny & Bill Company, a faith-based online educational learning corporation.

Begin to…
+ see the sacramental realities of life all around
+ start living your best life in a new God walk and God talk
+ experience the transformative power of God’s love, so that you can share it with others
+ feel and awaken kindness in life

Listen as DaRevsUSA, Penny and Bill…
+ highlight significant stories from the Bible, in particular the New Testament
+ reflect on scripture through theology, theory, and life experiences
+ share in prayer
+ join in song
+ share some time together with you

Each episode is about 15 to 20 minutes and includes…
+ a scripture reading from the Bible, in particular the New Testament
+ a reflection by DaRevsUSA, Rev Dr Penny Taylor, Rev Dr Bill Ressl, or both
+ time for prayer as we share together in the prayer Jesus taught us to pray
+ a song to enjoy ~ or sing-a-long with DaRevsUSA
+ some shared time together with DaRevsUSA and with God

Please note:

At times, scripture contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children, therefore parental discretion is advised.

Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA Podcast
  • S2 E1 Change Doubt to Peace – Doubting Thomas Did!

    Episode 1

    Penny highlights that doubt and anxiety messes with us. Don’t let it stand in the way of experiencing God’s peace and love. Today Penny looks at living in fear being filled with profound doubt and anxiety through the story of Doubting Thomas from the Gospel of John 20:19-31. Thomas, one of the di...

  • S2 E2 A New Day to Corrupt or Heal (with Bill)

    Episode 2

    Bill focuses on the painful daily struggle… do we corrupt another day or work toward healing? Every day every person has a choice… do we continue to expand the ills of otherness made visible in the world through oppression, disenfranchisement, and disempowerment - or do we spend the next 24 hours...

  • S2 E3 Be Filled with God’s Grace (with Penny and Bill)

    Episode 3

    Penny and Bill delve deep into wine – Jesus’ first miracle changing water into wine at the wedding at Cana. Concerns can often arise at a wedding – and it did at a wedding at Cana that Jesus was at when the wine ran out. At first, he simply wanted to continue enjoying the wedding, but his mother ...

  • S2 E4 Take Time to Smell the Flowers (with Penny and Bill)

    Episode 4

    Penny and Bill explore taking time to smell the flowers – taking time to be with God. Do we take time for God? Jesus did. Take Time to smell the flowers, aka sabbath time. Explore the amazing story of Jesus taking some time to be with God and reading from the scroll of Isaiah. Learn how God’s gra...

  • S2 E5 Walking on the Wild Side (with Penny)

    Episode 5

    Penny takes a trip on the wild side exploring life’s wild adventures and how God is always with us – we are not alone. Penny enjoys hiking and having adventures. It can be pretty wild out there when walking in nature. Like the time at Glacier National Park when Penny and Bill went off the pathway...

  • S2 E6 Courage to Break Free (with Bill)

    Episode 6

    Bill talks about the choices we make in life - how we are an individual in life and how we participate with others. Bill unpacks understandings of individuation and participation through the Parable of the Prodigal and His Brother offered by Jesus in Luke 15:1-3 and 11b-32. Courage from deep with...

  • S2 E7 What Do We Value (with Bill)

    Episode 7

    Bill examines the dynamics and forms of life leading to growth or destruction – which do we value? Today we meet Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Judas who questions Mary’s actions of “wasting” expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet. Mary had an intentionality to her actions – focused on love and Jesus that ...

  • S2 E8 Do We Destroy… or Nurture? (with Bill)

    Episode 8

    Bill looks at free will, the choices we make that become our destiny, the legacy we leave behind. What we do or don’t do has consequences. What impact do our actions have for our life and those around us – destroy or nurture? Today we look at the story of a barren fig tree, the gardener, and the ...

  • S2 E9 Good Friday Special (with Penny and Bill)

    Episode 9

    Penny and Bill share the story of Good Friday through prayer, singing, and scripture. Good Friday commemorates the day Jesus died. It is a time to reflect as well as imagine the complexities of that moment in time for those who unlike us did not yet know the rest of the story… that Jesus would ra...

  • S2 E10 BONUS: DRVS Breaking News from DRVS – Jesus is Dead (with Penny and Bill)

    Episode 10

    DRVS newscasters Penny and Bill report Breaking News, the story of Good Friday, Jesus is dead. Delve deep into the story of Good Friday through reports from four reporters who are on the street reporting the events as they unfold… Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus is dead. It is finished. Or i...

  • S2 E11 BONUS: Breaking News from DRVS - Jesus is Alive (with Penny and Bill)

    Episode 11

    DRVS newscasters Penny and Bill report Breaking News, Jesus is alive after having been crucified. Not the traditional Easter/Resurrection Sunday story, this story examines the struggle that Jesus’ resurrection created for those who knew him personally including Doubting Thomas. Join the journey a...