Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA Podcast

Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA Podcast

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Progressive podcast of hope. DaRevsUSA unpack life through scripture, prayer, song hosted by Penny Taylor and Bill Ressl. In the Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA podcast, clergy couple Penny and Bill offer simple, fun, yet profound, progressive theological commentary on scripture through reflections, prayer, and song. More than just reading a scripture verse … Penny and Bill prepare each episode to seamlessly weave together scripture, reflection, prayer, and song. You’ll be challenged to think theologically and clinically recognizing how your God walk and God talk impacts all parts of your life.

Unlike any other Religious podcast, Awaken Kindness, by DaRevsUSA podcast, hosted by distinguished Protestant theologians and clinicians the Rev Dr Penny Taylor LCSW and the Rev Dr Bill Ressl LCSW, offers a ground-breaking simple, yet profound, progressive approach to understanding Christ’s love. In each episode, this clergy couple in the United Church of Christ (UCC) unpacks the contemporary relevance of scripture as well as how to apply it to daily life. Join as Penny and Bill, Co-Founders of the Center to Awaken Kindness, share scripture, prayer, song, and their reflections through experiences from family, work, and 30+ years of married life. The Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA podcast is from the Center to Awaken Kindness which is a division of the Penny & Bill Company, a faith-based online educational learning corporation.

Begin to…
+ see the sacramental realities of life all around
+ start living your best life in a new God walk and God talk
+ experience the transformative power of God’s love, so that you can share it with others
+ feel and awaken kindness in life

Listen as DaRevsUSA, Penny and Bill…
+ highlight significant stories from the Bible, in particular the New Testament
+ reflect on scripture through theology, theory, and life experiences
+ share in prayer
+ join in song
+ share some time together with you

Each episode is about 15 to 20 minutes and includes…
+ a scripture reading from the Bible, in particular the New Testament
+ a reflection by DaRevsUSA, Rev Dr Penny Taylor, Rev Dr Bill Ressl, or both
+ time for prayer as we share together in the prayer Jesus taught us to pray
+ a song to enjoy ~ or sing-a-long with DaRevsUSA
+ some shared time together with DaRevsUSA and with God

Please note:

At times, scripture contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children, therefore parental discretion is advised.

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Awaken Kindness by DaRevsUSA Podcast
  • S1 E1 The First Podcast – What’s It All About (with Penny + Bill)

    Episode 1

    Podcast - This first podcast begins the journey. Discover more about DaRevsUSA, the Rev Dr Penny Taylor LCSW and the Rev Dr Bill Ressl LCSW, as they map out who they are and what they offer. Today, Penny and Bill share what’s behind the name DaRevsUSA. Discover what to expect by exploring a brief...

  • S1 E2 The Light Deep Within (with Penny+ Bill)

    Episode 2

    Podcast - Penny and Bill dive deep exploring the light within that overcomes life’s anxieties. Discover God’s grace and see the light of Christ’s love alive in the world. Reflect on John 1:1-18 and discover that darkness can seem to be all around, but light overtakes darkness ~ and that light is ...

  • S1 E3 The Gifts You Give (with Penny + Bill)

    Episode 3

    Podcast - What star do you follow? What treasures do you share? Penny and Bill explore how following the star, God’s call for your life, invites sharing your treasures with the world. Examine the story of the Magi, the 3 Kings, the Wise Ones, who followed their star and shared their gifts. What i...

  • S1 E4 And The Sky Opened (with Penny + Bill)

    Episode 4

    Podcast - Penny and Bill look at the dramatic story of God opening the sky. Imagine ~ the sky opened! Why did God open the sky? Was God happy or mad? Did God say anything? Explore the amazing story of Jesus’ baptism when the sky opened, a dove appeared, and a voice spoke from the heavens saying: ...

  • S1 E5 Do Great Things (with Penny)

    Episode 5

    Podcast - Penny highlights the mysterious role that we are all called to be ambassadors of God’s divine love. Each of us is called to do great things like the great architects that built Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, France. Built in honor of God and named for Our Lady, Mary the Mother of Jesus,...

  • S1 E6 Do Life Differently (with Bill)

    Episode 6

    Podcast - Bill explores every generation has a choice ~ continue or stand against abuse, violence, oppression, and disenfranchisement. Do we wish to remain weary, carrying heavy burdens with no rest? There is another way. Bill looks at Christ’s yoke of love that encourages individual and social r...

  • S1 E7 Be Transformed (with Penny)

    Episode 7

    Podcast - Frozen in fear? Give them a mission? Transformation? What? Today Penny reflects on the angel, the woman, and the tomb. What did the angel tell the women who went to visit Jesus at the tomb? Will they remain frozen in fear? Will awareness, freedom and courage take hold? Listen and see ho...

  • S1 E8 Sharing The Gifts (with Penny)

    Episode 8

    Podcast - Penny highlights the mystery of doing extraordinary things, growing in faith, and believing in miracles. Fear can stop us from sharing or it can compel us to do extraordinary things, to grow in faith, and believe. Don’t let fear win. Penny reflects on John 6:1-21 and the extraordinary t...

  • S1 E9 I Need a Drink (with Penny)

    Episode 9

    Podcast - Penny asks: “Have you ever asked someone you don’t know for a drink?” Jesus did. Faith blossomed. Jesus was thirsty and asked a Samaritan woman for a drink of water, breaking the cultural codes of his day. Jesus’ conversation with the woman about “living water” opened her eyes and the e...

  • S1 E10 – Death Is Painful (with Penny)

    Episode 10

    Podcast - Death is painful. Penny focuses on where to find strength and support in difficult times, especially in the painful experience of the death of a bestie. Penny reflects on how Jesus shared time, had empathy, and consoled his besties – Mary and Martha. All were distraught at Lazarus’ deat...

  • S1 E11 Loneliness or Solitude - Your Choice (with Bill)

    Episode 11

    Podcast - Loneliness is very real. It can strip us of our humanness. Bill shares his thoughts on changing loneliness into solitude – a choice? Is it possible? Is there a difference? Expanding upon the theological thought of systematic theologian Paul Tillich, Bill looks at the difference between ...

  • S1 E12 We Are Not Alone – Loneliness And Solitude Part 2 (with Bill)

    Episode 12

    Bill delves deep into solitude, the cousin of loneliness, recognizing that we are never alone. Loneliness can destroy us – solitude holds us together. For where two or three are gathered Christ is present – but how can that be if we are all alone? Bill looks to scripture for an answer… the Advoca...